Alix and Scott //Enterkine House Hotel // Ayr | Karen Simpson Photography

Alix and Scott //Enterkine House Hotel // Ayr

A Magical Day at Enterkine House: Alix and Scott’s Unforgettable Wedding

Last year, I had the pleasure of photographing Alix and Scott’s wedding at the stunning Enterkine House near Ayr in Ayrshire. It was an extra special occasion for me as it marked my first time capturing moments at this venue since its refurbishment, and to top it off, it was slated to be my busiest wedding of the year with the most amount of guest.

Knowing Alix’s sister, the talented makeup artist Georgina, added an extra layer of honour to the experience. Being asked to be a part of such a significant day in their lives was truly heart-warming.

The day kicked off with the bridal party getting ready in the charming Gatehouse. Linzi, from “Don’t Stress the Dress,” took charge of the dresses, ensuring everything was perfectly steamed and organised. The excitement was palpable as the girls transformed, and soon they were ready to make their way to the bridal suite, we all had a good laugh.

The ceremony, led by David from Devotion, was an emotional affair. Scott’s heartfelt tears and the genuine emotions shared between the couple set the tone for the day.

Despite the unpredictable Scottish weather bringing some rain, we managed to capture beautiful group photos outdoors, showcasing the love and joy radiating from the wedding party. Fortunately, the rain couldn’t dampen the spirits, and we were able to sneak out for some intimate couple shots after dinner.

The reception was nothing short of magical. The speeches were emotional and entertaining, setting the stage for the highlight of the evening – a surprise performance by the bridesman Sean. The impromptu musical showcase added an extra layer of joy, getting everyone in the mood for the fantastic party that lay ahead.

As a wedding photographer, being part of Alix and Scott’s special day at Enterkine House was an absolute honour. The venue’s elegant charm, coupled with the warmth and love shared by the couple and their guests, made it an unforgettable experience. Here’s to Alix and Scott, a couple whose love story will undoubtedly be cherished for a lifetime.


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