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Gemma and Darren // The Waterside Hotel

I make no secret that the Waterside is one of my favourite venues, maybe because its because I photographed my second ever wedding there and had such a brilliant day but I can honestly say I have never not had a great day at the Waterside. The staff are great and a big shout out to the fabulous Rebekah who with Gemma and Darren’s wedding had just got into her new role.   As we all know the Scottish weather can be so unpredictable, but (and I am scared to write this) every wedding I have photographed at the Waterside we have have managed to get out at some point in the day. I think this is mainly due to where it sits in the west coast and the winds move the clouds.  But even if its raining there’s still the light and airy Ailsa lounge for you photos and one of my favourites is the glass corridor outside because your guest can stand in there for photos while I am out in the rain! 

Now on to Gemma and Darren’s wedding it was April, but a beautiful day and we couldn’t have wished for better. Gemma got ready in the Atrium and then we moved in to the honeymoon suite. Lovely to work with Nadine Grant MUA again as it had been a while. The morning was chilled and we all had a good laugh, this is what I love about weddings!  Ceremony was lovely and Gemma said her  favourite part was

‘My favourite part of my wedding day would probably have to be just after the ceremony having our pictures taken. We where so lucky with the weather as it turned out to be a scorching day and our guest could relax in the sun having a drink listening to some music and having pictures taken. I also loved before the meal listening to everyone’s speeches 🥹🥰 ‘Their speeches were so funny! Even with a homemade wee film which was fab! Acted out by the kids. I just love how creative people can be and its also refreshing when they aren’t just copied from google!   Their bridesmaid  also sang them a song in the ceremony which was beautiful and the video is my most viewed on tiktok to date! Overall they all had a great day and the love for each other and their family was shown throughout the day and I really think the photos show the love story of their day. 





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