Emma and Paige – Fairfield House Hotel | Karen Simpson Photography

Emma and Paige – Fairfield House Hotel

“Love Unveiled: Emma and Paige’s Magical LGBTQ Wedding at Fairfield House Hotel”

Emma and Paige’s wedding at the Fairfield House Hotel in Ayr was a day. Stepping into the world of LGBTQ weddings is always a joy for me as a photographer, and this celebration was a magical blend of love, excitement, and personal touches that made it truly extraordinary.

Fairfield House Hotel, a venue I had the pleasure of visiting for the first time, has recently come under the care of the RAD group. Exciting transformations are in the air, promising a fresh and updated look, including a makeover of all the rooms. The perfect backdrop for a love story as unique as Emma and Paige’s.

The day began with the anticipation and excitement of getting ready. Paige prepared for the momentous occasion at her parents’ home, and I had the privilege of capturing those intimate pre-wedding moments. 

As the scene shifted to the Fairfield House Hotel, Emma was greeted with a heartwarming and thoughtful gift from Paige – a personalised number plate, a unique and personal touch that spoke volumes about their connection. It’s these special moments that make each LGBTQ wedding a singular and memorable experience.

The talented Kymn Larcrombe, serving as the Makeup Artist, added an extra layer of glamour and elegance to Emma’s radiant look. Despite the less-than-ideal weather, the love between Emma and Paige shone brightly, and we ventured down to the beach to capture moments that will be cherished forever.

One of the standout features of Emma and Paige’s celebration was their enchanting Harry Potter-themed wedding. From snitches as favours to house-colored snacks, clever signs, and even a Lego Hogwarts, every detail reflected the care and attention the couple poured into making their day uniquely theirs.

Surprises continued to unfold as I discovered the charming gardens next door to the Fairfield House Hotel, providing an unexpected and picturesque backdrop for more stunning photographs.

In the end, Emma and Paige’s wedding was more than just a ceremony – it was a celebration of love in all its forms, a testament to the idea that love knows no bounds. As a photographer, capturing these moments is not just a job; it’s a privilege and an honor to be a part of such a special day.

Cheers to Emma and Paige for letting their love shine brightly and for allowing me to be a witness to their beautiful journey. May your love continue to grow, and may your days be filled with the same magic that surrounded your wedding day.



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