Zach and Abbie // Gretna Hall Hotel // Gretna Green | Karen Simpson Photography

Zach and Abbie // Gretna Hall Hotel // Gretna Green

 “Capturing Yorkshire Love: Abbie and Zach’s Gretna Green Wedding Adventure”

Nestled in the historic charm of Gretna Green, Abbie and Zach’s love story unfolded against the backdrop of Gretna Hall Hotel. As an Ayrshire photographer with a penchant for the west coast, I found myself venturing into the heart of Gretna for the first time. Abbie and Zach, a delightful Yorkshire couple, chose me to capture the magic of their special day, and it was an honor that left me both excited and nervous.

A Unique Choice: From Yorkshire to Gretna Green

Abbie and Zach’s love brought them from the scenic landscapes of Yorkshire to the historic charm of Gretna Green. Their decision to tie the knot at Gretna Hall Hotel set the stage for a day filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments.

The Perfect Match: Choosing an Ayrshire Photographer

Despite having a photographer included in their wedding package, Abbie and Zach were drawn to my work and decided to book me for their special day. It was a humbling experience to know that my photography resonated with them, but it also came with a mix of excitement and nerves as I aimed to exceed their expectations.

A Beautiful Ceremony at the Coach House

The Coach House at Gretna Hall Hotel provided a picturesque setting for Abbie and Zach’s heartfelt vows. Against a backdrop of historical charm, the couple exchanged their promises, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Charm in Every Frame: Photos in the Coach House and Gardens

Following the ceremony, we explored the Coach House and the hotel’s enchanting gardens for a series of intimate and joyous photos. The lush surroundings and historic architecture served as the perfect canvas for capturing the essence of Abbie and Zach’s love

Chasing the Golden Hour: Magical Moments in the Evening Light

Post-dinner, we ventured out to make use of the enchanting golden hour light. The soft, warm glow cast a magical spell, illuminating Abbie and Zach in a radiant haze. These post-dinner moments added an extra layer of romance to their wedding album, creating a visual narrative that mirrored the warmth of their love.

Abbie and Zach’s Gretna Green wedding was a celebration of love, filled with unique moments that reflected the beauty of their connection. As an Ayrshire photographer stepping into the heart of Gretna, I felt privileged to capture the magic of their day and contribute to the visual story of their love.

In the end, the nerves gave way to joy, and the honor of being chosen by this Yorkshire couple became a cherished memory. Abbie and Zach’s journey from Yorkshire to Gretna Green, captured through the lens of an Ayrshire photographer, stands as a testament to the timeless allure of love and the artistry of wedding photography.


Bride on her own with her bouquetBride and groom in ceremony roomGroom kissing bride's cheekBrides family signing the register in the coach houseBride and groom kissingBride and groom infront of Gretna Hall weddingBlack and white, bride and groom holding hands. Groom looking nervous Confetti shot of the bride and groom at Gretna HallBride and groom kissingBride and groom infront of Gretna Hall weddingBlack and white, bride and groom holding hands.Bride with her dadBride with her dad bouquet of flowers, with sunflowers

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