Ashleigh and Nicole – The Waterside | Karen Simpson Photography

Ashleigh and Nicole – The Waterside

As most of you know one of my favourite wedding venues is The Waterside in Ayrshire. It was the place of my second ever wedding which was a winter one unlike Ashleigh and Nicole’s which was July. With the Waterside it really doesn’t matter whether you are a winter or summer wedding, if its dry or wet you are always guaranteed to have great images.  The best thing for me is the decor, its lovely and light, the glass corridor always gets great photos due to the fantastic light so its always my go to if its raining and lets not forget the fireplace it is ideal for your group shots. As you know with the lovely Scottish weather its always great to have options incase its a wet and windy day, thankfully the Waterside has plenty! 

 Ash and Nicole fell in love with it as soon as they seen it, plus it had their date available (they wanted to get married on their ten year anniversary).  I was very excited to book the girls wedding as it was my first LGBTQ+ full wedding. Ash and Nicole both got ready at the hotel, so that meant I was able to pop between the two for prep.  Ashleigh was rather nervous so I probably spent more time with her than Nicole but still got a great mixture of images. When I have a bride and groom I will pop down for some photos when the groom arrives and then pop back up to see the bride so I tend to get to know the bride the best.  Having the two girls in the hotel meant I got to chat with them both a lot and really enjoyed it. 

For the ceremony the aisle’s were arranged down either side of the room so Ashleigh and Nicole could walk down together, this meant I was running to either side to get them but I succeeded and  they sealed their love with a hand tied ceremony using scarfs from loved one no longer with us which was a first for me and such a lovely idea.  The weather was mostly dry so we got out for groups and couples down the beach. I have now shot a a few weddings at the Waterside and have managed to get down the beach at every one at some point, long may it continue (touch wood!). 

Cake cutting was done before the first dance, some choose to do it before speeches and I don’t think there’s any way that I really have a preference for at all its just whatever suits you best! I had a great day with Ashleigh and Nicole and family and friends. Some of their photos are my favourite for this year. Can’t wait to do my next LGBTQ+ wedding in 2023. 


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