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Bonnie and Alan

Bonnie and Alan’s friend Michelle posted on Blushing Brides (a brilliant facebook group full of knowledgeable people) towards the end of last year looking for vendors to help as she was arranging a wedding for her friends due to Alan terminal diagnosis. I saw the post and volunteered my services  I am a firm believer in paying it forward and do try to help society as much as I can. Unfortunately lots of us are still recovering from the impact of covid so I can’t always help financially but I can give my time and was happy to help such a good cause, lots of other great vendors helped too more details below.  Michelle managed to organise a venue with for the wedding which was  at The Walled Garden in Fife. It is run by the fantastic Richard and Anne who gifted  Alan and Bonnie the use of it for their wedding.  It was my first time photographing a wedding in this area as I am mostly Ayrshire based and I was excited to be at a different venue. It was good to meet a lot of new vendors and see different faces. Not that I don’t love all my Ayrshire people! 

Alan and Bonnie met not the old fashioned way but the modern way of online after Bonnie’s sister signed her up, after two days of online chat they met up and started dating in 2018 rarely being apart since.  Alan proposed after a weekend in Doncaster for Bonnies birthday he was going to do it in York but didn’t feel well and they went back to the hotel where he proposed by the bed, Bonnie said it was just perfect. For their wedding they were looking for a relaxed, fun day with all the family and friends.  They wanted to capture moments with Alan’s children and give people memories to cherish.  Both being big Harry Potter fans they also wanted this incorporated, Bonnie made fantastic decorations even with golden snitches made from Ferrero Rocher along with Autumn colours. 

Alan and Bonnie and the wedding party got ready at home with Lisa Ross doing the girls hair, Kimmy Sadler doing nails,  Natasha Grant On  the Lash and Jodi Dougall doing their make up.   They arrived by cars by Jb luxury car hire and EXZ cars with Piper Dan (Daniel Sweeney) piping them in.  Alan from AC media doing videography and pianist Rico Franchi providing music for the ceremony.   Bonnie was wearing a gorgeous unusual red dress by Marsha Marshal and Alan’s kilt was from Wilkies.  Nicki Summers and Moira made most beautiful bouquets, they were designed with the Autumn colour scheme in mind and had paper flowers. Each of the paper flowers were hand crafted by Nicki and Moira from Harry Potter book pages and were absolutely stunning. The ceremony itself was conducted by Alan’s aunt Tina. The ceremony was emotional but lovely and you could see the love that the two have for each other, it was quite relaxed because they knew the celebrant. 

After the ceremony it was time for photos. Even though it was a February wedding we managed to get it dry and used the wonderful grounds of The Walled Garden for the photos, Alan from AC media of course captured the moments through the video. We had to be quick as possible with the photos as Alan doesn’t cope well with the cold due to the chemo so I didn’t want to cause him any discomfort.  We got them all done and then we were inside for the drink reception. The bar was provided by Bardoo Mobile bars, they were fantastic making sure everyone was well lubricated even us vendors. There was also a fantastic crisp wall provided by Crisp Wall Scotland with a great variety on it. Everyone was very relaxed and there was even Harry Potter card games on the tables for people to play. I’m sure I also seen someone out with cludeo! Not sure if the game got played though. It wasn’t long until it was time to go and get dinner made by the Fab Foods.  There was no speeches just to keep everyone relaxed, Bonnie made a wee toast. Dinner was fantastic, and then it was time to party.  Kieran from McDonalds disco and Fife wedding entertainment came in and set up mood lighting and the photobooth.   Bonnie and Alan cut the cake (made by Alan’s daughter and Bonnies mum) and then they had their first dance. I left after a few dances but could see it was going to be a great night!  The wedding was a brilliant day which lots of people came forward to help to give the couple a day that they could remember. I always feel honoured to be part of someone wedding day no matter what the circumstances of the day are, however this one I did truly feel privileged to photograph Alan and Bonnie’s.  A really big shout has to be to Michelle for all her organising! New career I think! x


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