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Outdoor Photography

As a lot of you may know, for children and families Outdoor Photography is my favourite.

Why you ask? Because over my years working with children have come to realise that they just love getting outdoors (well most of them). Once the are outside they relax a lot quicker and can sometimes even forget I’m there. Perfect for toddlers who can be a little shy with strangers. I am lucky to live in Ayrshire where we have access to to great parks and also not far from the beach.  With spring on the way hopefully we will have a lovely spring and be able to get out more.

What do I do if its raining?  Depending on how heavy the rain is we will normally reschedule, its its just light rain showers we will wait until the morning of your shoot to see how it goes. Believe it or not a cloudy day actually works great for photos much better than harsh sunlight.  I managed to get out last week for Skye, Alix and Alfie’s photos to get some practice with my new camera. The grumpy looking teenager is my boy whom I forgot to take some school shoots so we nipped to the park after school. With the lighter nights coming I will be available to book to capture those perfect memories. 

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